Temporary Telemedicine Clinic

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Temporary Telemedicine Clinic

To Our Valued Patients,

We hope you're hanging in there. These are certainly unprecedented times. Things are evolving very quickly every single day. And there's a sense of stress and concern that is weighing on everyone.

We know that our patients' on-going treatments are extremely important to their physical and mental health.  So, we would like to provide another update on how we can help.

We have created a personal, virtual 'room' at doxy.me — a simple, free and secure telemedicine solution.®  Accessible from your desktop, tablet and smartphone, doxy.me provides the opportunity for our healthcare professionals to host online appointments with our existing patients while complying with electronic privacy guidelines. 

Here's how it works:

  • Email your DHP healthcare practitioner
    • Dr. Ben Fryer — drfryer@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • Dr. Jeff Weekes — drweekes@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • Dr. Jeff Belgue — drbelgue@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • Dr. Kaitlyn Szabo — drszabo@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • Nicole Carnevale — ncarnevale@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • Matthew Nicol — mnicol@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • Dr. Roshen Bhunnoo — roshen@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • Cameron McArthur — info@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
    • General Inquiries — info@dynamichealthandperformance.ca
  • They will schedule an appointment and send you a personal 'room' URL
  • Visit doxy.me at your scheduled date and time and input your personal 'room' URL
  • You will then be directly connected for a video call with your healthcare practitioner
We also encourage our patients to visit our Youtube Channel - Dynamic Health and Performance - for more than 50 how-to exercise videos and instructions to help maintain your treatment at home.

We recognize that these are uncertain times and we look forward to providing you with alternate treatment solutions until we reopen our doors and resume full services.

Until then, stay healthy,
Dynamic Health & Performance

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