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Our Oakville chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists provide treatment and maintenance for hockey players' unique needs.

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Achieve Optimal Performance.

Hockey is an incredibly dynamic sport played on a highly unstable surface. Dynamic Health & Performance will help keep your team strong, capable and agile in these volatile conditions with a long term performance improvement plan tailored for your players and their positions, as well as in-the-moment rehabilitative and preventive treatment.

Let's Talk About Your Team's Performance

  • At Dynamic Health & Performance, we're dedicated to providing evidence-based, common sense therapy and treatment for each of our patients, with a focus on prevention first. We're here to help you achieve and maintain better mobility and performance, both in sport and daily life.
    - Dr. Jeff Weekes, Chiropractor

How We Work with Hockey Teams

Hockey requires a unique combination of finesse, power, speed, and teamwork. As a result, hockey players are susceptible to a variety of injuries. Concussions, shoulder and knee injuries, groin strains and high ankle sprains are especially common.

At DHP, we'll develop a long-term plan for your team that includes preseason screening examinations to identify existing injuries and deficiencies, as well as hockey-specific conditioning programs to avoid physical overload. In cases where injuries do occur, we provide post-injury evaluation and recovery plans to ensure successful healing and a safe return to play.

Our Team Commitment

At DHP, Our team is committed to yours. 

We'll help guide them to successful injury recovery and optimal performance with comprehensive, collaborative care.

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