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Performance Care for Teams | Dynamic Health & Performance

With Dynamic Health & Performance in Oakville, you get the benefit of our entire team – with each of our professional therapists and health practitioners focused on improving your team's performance.

Our Global Treatment Philosophy

We'll help your team achieve optimal performance through a preventive and holistic approach to treatment, including each of our skilled practitioners, as needed.

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For Team & Individual Performance

Your team is only as good as its individual members. We'll build out carefully tailored treatment plans for your team members, to help each one of them play their best.

About Our Clinic

We're proud to work with these elite athletes:

  • Brad Currier
  • Jeremy Welsh
  • Evan Buitenhuis
  • Sarah McDonnell
  • Stefan Leblanc
  • Tyson Bartlett
  • Braeden Wallace
  • Matt Kim
  • Sarah Mitchell

Our Teams

How We Work With Athletes


Hockey may be one of the most dynamic sports there is, all played on an unstable surface. DHP will help keep your team strong, capable and agile in these volatile conditions.

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The high impact, dynamic nature of lacrosse can lead to serious injury. We offer specialized treatment for lacrosse players to help heal injuries and reduce their chances of occurrence.

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At Dynamic Health & Performance, we offer specialized assessment, treatment and management of injuries that are unique to golfers and the golf swing.

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For soccer players, prevention is key. Common soccer injuries like concussion, muscle tears and torn ligaments can be prevented with a smart, ongoing therapy plan from DHP.

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Other Sports

Dynamic Health & Performance provides comprehensive, whole-body prevention and treatment for all sport teams and athletes. Our experience with sports teams of all stripes is extensive, meaning we'll be able to help you play your best – whatever the game happens to be.

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Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're looking for more personal agility or to help your sports team perform better, we invite you to get in touch. No pressure. No obligation. Just a conversation about what we can do together.

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