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This week's Workout Wednesday features the Pallof Press.

About Off Season Golf Training

Golfers! Winter is here & that means it’s time to train. Every Wednesday for the next few weeks, our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Belgue, will demonstrate how to build a Winter Golf Strengthening Program to help improve your game next season!  


The Pallof Press helps to build a strong core that can control outside forces.  In this case, rotation. This is a prerequisite skill that will lead into building rotation strength, speed and power. Take note of the progressions to further challenge your anti-rotation stability. 

How To Perform This Motion

Pallof Press - Kneeling
1. Kneel in a position where the exercise band or cable is perpendicular to the direction you're facing.
2. Hold the band close to your chest, brace your core and keep your body tall during the exercise.
3. Slowly push the band away from your body keeping it centered to your chest.
4. Slowly bring the band to your chest.
5. Do not let the pull of the band rotate your torso during the movement.

Pallof Press - Split Stance
1. Stand in a split stance, leg furthest away from anchored band in front.
2. Hold the band close to your chest.
3. Brace your core and remain tall.
4. Perform the exercise as you did when kneeling.

Pallof Press – Standing Over Head
1. Stand in an athletic stance, feet shoulder width apart.
2. Brace core, push arms away from body until fully extended.
3. Then raise arms into an overhead position.
4. Do not let the band rotate your torso.
5. Lower arms and then return to starting position.

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