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This week's Workout Wednesday features the Medicine Ball Throw

About Off Season Golf Training

Golfers! Winter is here and that means it’s time to train. For the past few weeks, our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Belgue, has demonstrated exercises to incorporate into your off season golf strengthening programs!  


The final installment of our Winter Training Program focuses on using your lower body strength and core stability to train and build rotational power. Rotational strength is paramount in building a consistent, efficient and powerful golf swing.

How To Perform This Motion

Medicine Ball Toss – Rotation
1. Hold medicine ball in front of chest and stand in an athletic posture
2. Bring the medicine ball towards your back hip while sitting into your glutes
3. Then smoothly extend your hips, shift your weight to your front leg and rotate through your torso as you throw the ball
4. Repeat on both sides
Medicine Ball Toss – Rotation with Step
1. Same as above but add a step and hop prior to the toss
2. This will help you improve your weight transfer and power generation
3. Train both sides 

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