#FitnessFriday Ι Single Leg Dead Lift

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Today's Fitness Friday features the Single Leg Dead Lift.

About the Single Leg Dead Lift

The Single Leg Dead Lift is an effective exercise for the lower body and may assist with injury rehabilitation.


The Single Leg Dead Lift targets the posterior chain to build strength and balance.

Written Instructions

  1. While holding a weight or kettlebell in each hand, stand on one leg and while bending at the hip, extend the opposite leg straight behind so you are sitting back into your hip on the stationary leg.
  2. Keep a tight grip on the weight/kettle bell so your shoulders stay pulled back and your upper back doesn't round.
  3. As you push the leg back, keep your core engaged so your back stays flat, letting the weight slide down your leg.
  4. Be sure to squeeze your glutes when returning to a standing position.
  5. To challenge your balance even more, try holding just one weight on the same side as the stationary leg!

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