#FitnessFriday Ι Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

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Today's Fitness Friday features the Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch.

About the Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

The Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch is an effective and lower torso exercise to works the hip flexors.


The Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch is an effective exercise to target tight hip flexors that may be causing hip pain, back pain or knee pain.

Written Instructions

  1. Kneel on a soft surface and hold onto something for balance. Bring your right knee up so the bottom of your foot is flat on the floor and extend your left leg out behind you so the top of your foot is on the floor.
  2. Keep your upper body nice and tall and the core slightly engaged so your back doesn't arch.
  3. Push your hips and front knee forward until you feel a gentle stretch in the front of your hip on the back leg.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Change position and repeat for your other side.

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