#FitnessFriday Ι Step Up

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Today's Fitness Friday features the Step Up.

About the Step Up

The Step Up is an effective exercise to improve balance while strengthening your lower extremities.


The Step Up combines the action of the lunge with stepping upward and fights against gravity to strengthen your glutes and upper hamstrings.

Written Instructions

  1. Place one foot flat on a stair or bench.
  2. Hinge your hips backwards and engage your glute as you drive your head up towards the ceiling to step up.
  3. Squeeze your glute at the top and engage your core.
  4. Hinge your hip backwards then bend the knee to return to the original position.
  5. Note: Your knee should not go past your toes while completing this exercise. If this is happening push your hips back further to increase your hip hinge.

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