Movement & Mindfulness Workshop Ι Empowering Female Athletes

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Movement & Mindfulness Workshop Ι Empowering Female Athletes

We are inviting Female Athletes 14 years and younger to a FREE workshop to learn how to properly perform athletic movements and work on your mental edge!

Saturday, July 27 
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Dynamic Health & Performance
1155 North Service Road West, Unit #17, Oakville

Dr. Kaitlyn Szabo, Chiropractor from Dynamic Health and Performance together with Chelsea Spencer, Certified Coach and Owner/Founder of Empower Athletics will be presenting a 90 minute workshop focusing on rehabilitation, exercise, and mindfulness as it relates to youth female athletes. They will provide young, female athletes the tools they need to keep their mind and body healthy while participating in the sport that they love.

Key points they will cover during the 45 minute rehabilitation session:

  • A discussion regarding the importance of warming up and cooling down to prevent injuries, followed by a group warm up
  • Review a series of drill progressions focused on improving your form while completing a squat
  • Core activation techniques and mobility work to encourage flexibility and strength
  • Question/Answer
  • *Comfortable clothing is recommended 

Key points they will cover during the 45 minute mindfulness session:

  • Begin with breathing work and intention setting. This helps athletes create a sense of “presence”
  • Positive self talk, and how our inner voice can be the difference between us having a positive athletic experience and a negative athletic experience (topics covered include but are not limited to; body image; comparisons to others, and social media)
  • Identify areas of growth, and aspects that we love most about ourselves
  • Open forum: Question/Answer
This active and engaging workshop is open to any youth female athletes between the ages of 10-14. Parents please join us for the first 5 minutes to hear the introduction from Dr. Szabo and Chelsea.  Space is limited to 35 participants, so please reserve your spot via the Eventbrite link attached. This workshop is FREE of charge!

To register for this FREE workshop, click here.

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