#FitnessFriday Ι Shoulder Protraction-Retraction

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Today's Fitness Friday features the Shoulder Protraction-Retraction.

About the Shoulder Protraction-Retraction

The Shoulder Protraction-Retraction is an effective exercise for athletes and individuals who play football, softball and volleyball.


This exercise improves shoulder mobility and control and is very effective for throwing or upper body dominant athletes.

Written Instructions

  1. Hold onto a post (or a sturdy structure) with both hands.
  2. Sit back as far as you can to the point where you would fall back if you were to let go.
  3. Keep your elbows straight, while pulling your shoulder blades backwards into retraction.
  4. Then slowly allow your shoulder blades to come back intro protraction, while sitting back as far as you can.
  5. Repeat this with your hands in positions above, at, and below shoulder height.

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