#FitnessFriday Ι Banded Front Plank

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Today's Fitness Friday features the Banded Front Plank.

About the Banded Front Plank

The Banded Front Plank is an excellent strengthening exercise while the band helps to ignite your core.


This exercise encourages core strength while incorporating lower body strengthening.

Written Instructions

  1. Begin by putting a band just above your knees.
  2. With your forearms flat on the floor and elbows directly under your shoulders, step each leg backward.
  3. Engage your core to keep yourself in a straight line from heels to shoulders. Avoid letting your hips fall towards the ground or holding them up too high.
  4. With a banded plank, ensure your legs are wider than hip width apart to resist the band.
  5. Hold for 20-30seconds.

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