#FitnessFriday Ι Forearm Stretch

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#FitnessFriday Ι Forearm Stretch

Today's Fitness Friday features Forearm Stretches.


About Forearm Stretches

Forearm stretches are an easy way to help alleviate wrist and elbow pain.


Reduce tension in forearms if using your hands a lot (ex: computer, playing video games, or gardening)

Written Instructions

Hold all stretches for 20-30 seconds

1. Stretch 1: Begin with your arm straight and palm facing out. Gently pull your fingers back towards yourself
2. Stretch 2: Keeping your arm straight with palm out, rotate to have your fingers facing down. Gently pull back with your other hand.
3. Stretch 3: Flip your hand so your palm faces you, then bend the wrist with the fingers towards the sky and gently stretch
4. Stretch 4: With your palm facing you, rotate to bring the fingers towards the ground and gently hold for the stretch
5. Repeat with your other arm

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