What is Athletic Therapy? 🩹💆💪🏋️‍♀️

By Natalie Figueira, CAT(C), CSCS

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Are you still searching to find the right practitioner to fit your rehabilitation needs? This week we are diving into the world of Athletic Therapy and how our practitioners might be able to benefit you!

Ever wondered who helps all the injured athletes we see on TV? Most often the person that runs out on the field court, or shuffles onto the ice is an Athletic Therapist.

Athletic Therapists are so much more than therapists that tape ankles and help injured athletes.

Athletic Therapists specialize in the assessment, management, prevention, and treatment of all musculoskeletal injuries - this can include but is not limited to:

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Ankle Sprains

Shoulder Injuries


Post-Operative Rehabilitation/Care

In Canada, those that want to become an Athletic Therapist must graduate from one of the 8 accredited institutions in the country before being eligible to write our national certification exam. Athletic Therapists in Canada who have successfully passed their exam are qualified under the title of “Certified Athletic Therapist”.

An Athletic Therapist may be found both in a clinic and on the field with various levels of sports teams.

On the field and with sports teams, Certified Athletic Therapists are able to:

- Provide medical/emergency care
- Conduct injury assessments/manage injuries that occur during a game or practice
- Make return to play decisions and intervene to prevent further injury
- Identify and manage concussions with appropriate care/advice
- Create team warm ups/cool downs
- Utilize protective/supportive taping techniques, and brace selection to allow a safe return to play
- Don’t let our title deceive you, as Athletic Therapists we treat more than the athletes on our sports teams. - We can utilize our skills to treat individuals of all ages and those that participate in a wide range of activity levels. 

In a clinical setting with our patients, Athletic Therapists:

- Assess, treat, manage, and prevent both acute and chronic injuries
- Identify those ‘problem areas’ before they become a painful, future injury
- Evaluate, monitor, treat, and manage concussions and the return to play process
- Utilize appropriate stretches and exercises to help the body regain normal/functional movement patterns
- Come equipped with manual therapy techniques, therapeutic modalities, and supportive bracing/taping strategies to supplement our patients care

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If you are an active individual, then Athletic Therapy is right for you! We focus on creating the optimal environment for our patients and athletes to recover and get back to your regular active lifestyle.

Contact the clinic front desk at (905)339-2333 to book an appointment with our athletic therapist, Natalie! You can also check out her content on Instagram.

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