Patient Spotlight: CANADA SOFTBALL 🥉

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A huge congratulations to Team Canada Softball at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

Sadly, softball is only back for this Olympics (as of now) and will not be in Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. These sports were included this year because softball and baseball are popular in Japan, and the Olympic hosts are allowed to choose a few optional sports. 

Regardless, the team made history this week as they won the bronze medal against Mexico. Softball hasn't been in the Olympics for 13 years (Canadians came in 4th in 2008), so this is Canada's FIRST medal in this sport! 🥎

We have been fortunate enough to work with a few of the players on the team, and we are incredibly proud to see their hard work and perseverance pay off. From pitchers to catchers, and infielders to outfielders, each have benefitted from chiropractic care. We cannot wait to hopefully see a medal in person one day!


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