Top Ten Back to School Tips for a Healthy Kick-Start to the New Year!

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Top Ten Back to School Tips for a Healthy Kick-Start to the New Year!

Back to School is always a big transition.

The return to school, with its early mornings, mountains of homework and jam-packed extracurricular schedule, can be a bit of a nasty shock after the summer break.  Our naturopath and certified sports nutritionist, Dr. Roshen Bhunnoo, ND has applied his key insights and expertise to develop the following Top Ten BTS Tips to help children (and parents!) get a positive, healthy kick-start to the school year!

1.    Don't rush into too many after school activities or playdates. Just let the first few weeks settle in gently so you don't have to push yourself and the kids don't get too over stimulated!
2.    Children need a balanced diet that includes lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy protein and fats.
3.    Start the day right with a healthy breakfast to give your child the energy and nutrients needed for growth and development. Aim to have more protein and healthy fats, while reducing processed sugar.
4.    Supercharge your child’s nutrition for healthy brain and optimal learning by including adequate omega-3 fats from fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts.
5.    Limit fruit juices! Opt for whole or cut-up fruit due to the higher fiber content and additional vitamins and minerals.
6.    Empower your kids to take control of their health. Keep a variety of nutritious food available in the home, and let your child choose what and how much they want to eat.
7.    If your child is a “picky” eater, consider a high quality multivitamin supplement that ensures adequate intake of all important nutrients required for their active lifestyle.
8.    Even mild dehydration can produce cognitive impairment in children and teens. Skip the sugary energy drinks and sodas and give your kids a water bottle instead.
9.    Prioritize sleep! Keep a regular bedtime even on weekends. This makes sure kids and teens are getting enough sleep. It also keeps their circadian rhythms regulated.
10. Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent illness. Remind kids at home of washing up before they eat, with the hopes that this routine will translate to washing their hands at school as well.

Dr. Roshen, ND takes great pride in working with his patients to achieve optimal health and wellness, while addressing the root cause of their concerns. If you are looking to optimize your health with a natural approach to modern scientific medical treatments, please contact Dr. Roshen.

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