Tips for Starting Running! 🏃

By Sydney Hiltz, BKin

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With the warmer weather on its way, are you feeling inspired to take up running (again)? ☀️

You could be any of the following:
👟 Never been a runner but looking for something new
👟 Have only run for sports when you’re chasing a ball
👟 Ran last summer, hibernated in the winter
👟 Returning from an injury - yay!

Before you tell yourself you are going to run every other day forever, let’s make a realistic plan...

consistency > all or nothing

You don’t have to go out and run for 30 minutes straight right away! Don't neglect your warm-up, it will pay off while you are running. Make it part of your run routine!

Here is a beginner warm-up, which you can make changes to as you figure out what works best for your body.

Beginner Warm Up:
1️⃣ Get your muscles warmed up with dynamic stretches, such as hip openers, hamstring sweeps, butt kicks, high kicks, high knees, lunges (see photos below)
2️⃣ Brisk walk for 3-5 minutes
3️⃣ Slow jog for 3-5 minutes (slower than you think)
4️⃣ Run at a moderate pace → think “conversational pace” aka a pace where you could carry a conversation and still breathe

           Forward Lunge + Reach                              Hamstring Sweeps

             Knee Pull + Calf Raise                                         Butt Kicks

Try Walk/Run Intervals

A good starting point is: 1 min jog followed by a 1-2 min walk, repeated 5-10x.

Then, change the interval times as you progress!

set realistic goals

Start by running 2-3x per week
Avoid running consecutive days

This allows for recovery, as well as, time for cross-training! Check out our instagram or facebook for weekly lower body and core exercises to include in your strength routine.

Then, GRADUALLY increase run distance, time, and frequency of runs. The general rule of thumb is to increase total mileage by no more than 10% per week. For instance, if you are running a total of 15km per week, we wouldn’t suggest jumping to 20km next week, try 16.5km. This could mean adding 0.5km to each of your runs, or extending one run a little longer. 

Similarly, give yourself at least 1 month to adapt to the increased training load. The first couple weeks are a mental challenge, along with giving yourself the time to physically recover. 

So, get out there and have fun with your runs!

Hopefully with these tips you will find your body adapts well to running! However, if you are finding new aches and pains, you can contact the clinic front desk at (905)339-2333 to book an appointment with one of our chiropractors, physiotherapists, or athletic therapists.

Enjoy lacing up your shoes and getting outside!

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